Talent Planning

Planning the human capital needs for your organization is a science and an art. The science is in understanding how businesses function and what considerations are most essential to achieving the right people, in the right place, at the right time and the right cost.

The art is the intuition to recognize what is too much and what is too little - and how to avoid ineffective planning paralysis.

The TGA team - unlike other consulting outfits - has both the analytical capability and intimate knowledge of downstream work (think Talent Acquisition and Talent Management) to ensure the perfect blend of both the science and the art.

Our Talent Planning services deliver the information and tools you need to:

  • Connect workforce plans with business strategy
  • Direct or redirect resources to appropriately support critical roles
  • Evaluate current planning efforts and prioritize improvement opportunities
  • Design an effective and pragmatic process for planning workforce needs
  • Orient new talent leaders to methods and analytics that enable talent planning for your organization

Talent Planning Resources


  • Use a future oriented framework to make better talent decisions today
  • Eliminate the gap between business demand and talent availability
  • Use a rational basis for prioritizing and funding downstream talent investments

Talent Acquisition

People, process, and technology coalesce to power a high-performing talent acquisition function.  Our technical knowledge and hands on management experience enable superior service in designing and orchestrating these elements.

The hidden strength of our solutions, however, emanates from the expertise we have in other disciplines that interface in important ways with talent acquisition.  The fact that our principals held senior roles in general management, marketing, human resources, and finance at Fortune 500 companies creates a perspective that few firms can match.

Our talent acquisition services supply the tools and information you need to:

  • Connect talent acquisition plans to business strategies
  • Differentiate recruitment efforts to match talent priorities
  • Audit current performance and prioritize improvement opportunities
  • Design effective and efficient process and metrics
  • Evaluate and choose RPO, MSP and other vendor solutions
  • Create a compelling employment value proposition (EVP)
  • Project manage and implement improvement solutions
  • Assess and develop TA staff
  • Assimilate and jump-start new TA leaders

Talent Acquisition Resources


  • A business-aligned approach to create consistent, measurable results
  • Attracting better hires that stay longer
  • Maximizing talent acquisition effectiveness, efficiently
  • Transparency that reduces the learning curve for managers and new staff

Talent Management

Talent Management exemplifies the operational relationship between HR and the business.  The best laid plans and recruiting efforts will be for naught if talent cannot be effectively activated, developed, rewarded and advanced once in the organization.

Having led entire HR groups and functions, the TGA team greatly values the power of connecting the dots between planning, acquisition and Talent Management. Missing this dynamic risks disruption to the employment lifecycle continuum.

Our Talent Management services supply the tools and information you need to:

  • Connect your plans to business strategies
  • Differentiate efforts to match talent priorities and critical roles
  • Audit Talent Management performance and prioritize improvement opportunities
  • Design effective and efficient processes for learning and development, performance management, and internal talent pipeline management
  • Track and measure the effectiveness of programs
  • Fulfill the promise of your employment value proposition (EVP)
  • Assess and develop Talent Management staff
  • Assimilate and jump-start new Talent Management leaders

Talent Management Resources


  • Aligning business and talent priorities to maximize value
  • Enhanced availability of “ready now” internal talent
  • Better talent retention by delivering expectations
  • Synchronization with Talent Planning and Talent Acquisition
  • Ability to track and steward investment returns