How to Improve Talent Acquisition Results

When recruiting leaders treat all requisitions equally, without distinguishing between business-critical roles, it can negatively affect business performance.

This article originally appeared in Recruiting Trends, April 24, 2017

by Linda Brenner

There's a quick and easy way to tell if your recruiting team is operating effectively: observe how requisitions are assigned.

If requisitions are distributed among recruiters based on their current workload, chances are, your process isn't efficient or effective. Chances also are you haven't changed your talent acquisition strategy or operating model in a long time.

Why does req distribution matter? It's a clue to what often indicates foundational trouble that can affect the very value of a business. How so? In our knowledge economy, the stakes for talent acquisition are higher than they've ever been. The most valuable assets in the world are intellectual capital and these intangible assets -- like brands, customer relationships, patents -- have only one source: people. But not all people and not all roles. Failing to prioritize and dedicate the right recruiting resources to the attraction and selection of talent for critical roles -- those that generate a firm's intellectual capital -- can jeopardize the future enterprise value of your business.


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