Employer Value Proposition Design

In reality, most employment branding is a wasteful exercise in gleaning some positive thoughts from a company’s “culture” then blasting it via the expanding net of digital media. Tens of thousands of dollars is invested in a “tagline” so broad and so shallow the only strategy available is to shout loudly and hope for results.

What’s missing is the deeper understanding of your target candidates’ needs and how you answer those needs differently than the competition.

We go deep with the research, understand your target talent and distill your compelling differentiators. Using this approach, we

  • Illuminate your competitive advantages
  • Build hyper-relevant employment value propositions aligned with critical roles
  • Bring it all to life with renderings designed by our creative agency.

Because we are both HR and Financial experts, we integrate your targeted employment branding into the Talent Acquisition and Talent Management lifecycle in ways that maximizes the impact of your work effort in these areas.

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