Improve the Candidate Experience with Video Interviewing

By Ashley Samber | May 09, 2018

Below are some tips to help you build a positive experience for job seekers and get the most out of your investment. 

First –Don’t ask all applicants to complete a video interview.  As you develop the recruitment experiences for different types of talent, this should be considered. Asking a passive candidate to complete a video interview could feel cold and be a deal breaker for them.  Take care when you are asking these types of candidates to complete a video interview.  It also may not make sense to ask all high applicant position candidates to complete a video interview. Ensure that the candidates that are moved forward are qualified for the position.  If someone doesn’t pass the initial requirements, a video interview should never be requested.  It can create a bad candidate experience by giving false hope and asking candidates to complete tasks that are totally unnecessary.  Chances are, too, that no one internally will ever watch it. 

Second – Prep the candidate prior to the interview.  You can’t assume candidates know what to do. Send them tips from the video interview vendor or develop a quick video with tips and tricks that will make them feel prepared.  An example of the types of tips you may offer are: 1) Think of it as an in-person interview 2) Dress professionally 3) Consider what’s in the background, etc. 

Third – Make the interview questions short and sweet.  Don’t ask more than 3-5 questions.  Remember, you have to watch and evaluate these and time is of the essence.  You can get a lot of valid selection information by asking the right few questions.

Fourth – Have someone who reflects your organization or culture read the questions.  This is a fun way to make a positive impression on candidates. Great examples I’ve seen include a children’s hospital in which children read the questions and an airline which featured flight attendants. Candidates are looking at multiple companies’ sites and are comparing you to them.  Little things like this go a long way and leave an impression.    

Fifth – Build metrics to confirm recruiters are requesting and watching the interviews consistently.  Recruiters should be held accountable for consistently and effectively evaluating video interviews in order to drive sound selection decisions. Key metrics to ensure this expectation is clear include how many questions are scored, time spent watching videos, number of videos evaluated in one day, the range of scores used, number of pass/fail dispositions by recruiter, etc. Consistent and clear guidelines will improve the quality of selection decisions and, in turn, the quality of hires made. 

Video interviewing can be a great tool for companies, recruiters and job seekers. Review your practices and determine how you can enhance the experience and outcomes. 

Are you getting the most out of video interviewing? Should you invest in a video interview platform? Does your overall interviewing approach result in top talent selected for key roles?

I’m here to help!  Contact me to discuss your challenges.  You may also want to read Top Talent Recruitment: Four Ways to Repel Talent with Scarce Skills.

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