Quality of Hire Case Study: “How Do We Improve the Quality of Those We Hire?”

By Linda Brenner | October 09, 2017

A national services company wanted to significantly improve the speed and quality of hiring while reducing attrition.

TGA Work

TGA performed a comprehensive diagnostic of the company’s entire talent acquisition operations in order to identify and measure the problem and determine the root causes. This diagnostic leveraged our standard methodology that enabled the rapid review of talent acquisition process, technology, people, stakeholder experience and metrics. Deliverables included a summary of findings, recommendations for quick, sustainable hits and a comprehensive strategic recommendation for driving sustainable long-term success.


Through redesign effort, reduced the time to complete the online application by 50%, lowering candidate drop-off rates.  Reduced candidate confusion and increased the number of applicants with newly designed job posting strategy. Identified multiple new sourcing channels to target higher quality candidates.

The Bottom Line

Identified (conservatively) $3.5 million+ cost reduction opportunities by reducing Total Vacancy Time (TVT) and attrition.

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