HR Transformation: Is Manager-Delivered HR Too Much or Not Enough?

Shared Services. Centers of Excellence. HR Business Partners. Chief People Officer. It’s language that marks a dramatic change in many organizations across the globe. It describes the latest (greatest?) HR transformation that has been embraced by companies of all sizes, in all industries. What does it all mean? Fewer HR professionals, more HR-focused process and technology, and centralized thought leadership. And, some say, way more work for managers.

We recently asked a group of senior HR leaders from a wide spectrum of industries how — and to what extent — this shift has affected their front line managers. The question we wanted answered: Has “HR transformation” made hiring and retaining employees easier or harder for managers? The answer, like so many things in life, is: It depends.

Here we summarize that conversation, the themes that emerged, and the next steps in the battle to equip managers with the blend of resources they need to select and manage high performing teams.