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By Linda Brenner | October 19, 2017

Welcome to the Advisory - our monthly curated newsletter.

We’re on a journey to connect talent investments with measurable business value. After all, our mission is to help organizations make smarter people investments. 

To that end, welcome to The Advisory.  Our goal for this monthly message is to provide curated snippets from the world of talent and business so that you can make smarter people investments, too. Together, we'll prove the value of HR, once and for all.

- Tom & Linda

Build, Buy or Borrow - Determining your talent strategy game plan

Build, Buy or Borrow

A carefully considered talent strategy allows an organization to plan for choices to satisfy talent needs when they arise. Without a plan - the build, buy, and borrow options become reactionary tactics. Read More

Making the Case

Making the Case

Productivity improves when organizations stop underinvesting in employees. Check out this TGA-recommended article, The Case for Investing More in People from Harvard Business Review. Read More

Talent Acquisition Tech Won't Fix Hiring

Despite the explosive growth of talent acquisition technologies - and the vast number of problems they claim to solve - hiring isn’t getting better, faster, or cheaper. Sure, technology can help. But it can’t work without actual people with special skills in the areas of research, cold-calling, assessment, influencing, and negotiation. In the end, that’s what will win top talent for your most critical roles.

Check the TGA Blog for more on this soon!

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