Our Annual Intellectual Capital Index

By Linda Brenner | December 01, 2017

News from Talent Growth Advisors

The marketplace has moved to a knowledge economy from an industrial one and we have the data to prove it. We just published our annual Intellectual Capital Index which quantifies the connection between business value and intellectual capital, the product of talent in critical roles, available here

This analysis proves that talent-driven intellectual capital is now the #1 asset for companies across industries, and talent strategy has become the dominant enabler.

- Tom & Linda

The Value of Intellectual Capital

The talent stakes at GE have been raised with its business transformation and increased reliance on intellectual capital.

Moving forward, what must GE do to acquire talent in critical roles? Read more.

What We're Reading

"People Capital" is the real killer app in our innovation economy.

Here's the latest TGA-recommended article, How Human Capital is Tech's Most Valuable Resource from TechCrunch. Read more.

Getting Different Results with This Year's HR Budget

Budget season is upon us and many HR leaders will submit well-thought out plans that, too often, are summarily slashed. We can help you stop the madness!

Turn the tables on the assumption that employees equal costs and nothing more. Check out our approach for depicting HR investments as just that - investments. Get the buy-in you need to support value-driving human capital plans. 

Read more for five steps in creating a talent investment plan.

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