Talent Planning - A Top Priority in the CHRO Playbook

As we are experiencing the most challenging marketplace for talent in our lifetimes, here’s what CHROs think their highest priority in hiring should be:  Talent Planning. These top HR leaders discussed and debated what this work means in one of Talent Growth Advisors’ series of Talent Think Tanks among their peers from companies like WellStar Health System, Ultimate Software, and Chick-Fil-A.

As you read this white paper, you’ll learn how these CHROs think about the talent planning process and its challenges and success factors.  Understand why they place so much importance on workforce planning as they use results to shape talent strategy and make decisions to build, borrow, or buy human capital. See how the outcomes form a roadmap for hiring, developing and retaining approaches and how to build momentum for this priority in your organization.

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