Recruiter Workload Calculator: Free Download

Finally. A data-based answer to the age old question, "How many reqs should our recruiters carry?"

As all talent acquisition pros know, the answer to "what's the right recruiter req load?" depends on a lot of factors. Rather than writing another article about all the factors that can, in theory, affect the number of requisitions a recruiter can effectively carry, we've developed a calculator that allows you to determine a more specific answer for your hiring realities.

Over the last decade, our HR consulting firm has identified 5 external and 20 internal factors that have a direct impact on the number of requisitions an individual recruiter can effectively carry at a time.  We have concluded that these 25 individual factors are each significant enough to impact a recruiter's workload by +/- 5%.  From this insight we developed what we refer to as the "Efficiency Factor" that should be applied to the ideal number of requisitions a recruiter would carry to increase or decrease the target, realistic workload.  

This analysis also serves to provide a framework for improving efficiency and is the basis for determining ROI on talent acquisition investments. The tool can be used to rate an individual's or an entire team's recruiting environment.  All of these factors can be accurately assessed through a disciplined audit of market conditions and how a company performs its recruitment work.

Which factor merits the most improvement in your organization? Which will drive the most business value?

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