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Frequently Expressed Pain Point

“Our HR strategy hasn’t evolved with our business.”

The New “Human Capitalist”

Who They Are, Why Your Business Depends on Them, and How to Win Them

Improving Hiring Speed, Quality and Cost: A High Volume Hiring Case Study

The Challenge: Improve the quality of hiring high volume, customer service-oriented front line employees. In turn, increase speed to hire and reduce overall hiring costs.

Improve the Candidate Experience with Video Interviewing

Video Interviewing has slowly been changing the interview game. But not all companies are doing it well. It has many benefits and may be worth the investment, but it doesn’t always create a positive experience for job seekers.

How to utilize technology to support your passive sourcing strategy

In today’s market, employers are struggling to attract quality candidates. Many companies understand the need to passively source candidates, but don’t understand how to do it effectively or how to utilize technology to support the efforts.