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“We need to revamp the way we report on HR activities and outcomes. We send out too many reports and nothing happens with any of it.”

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Re-Engineering Recruiting: Tips for Assessing and Improving your Talent Acquisition Function

Now might be the optimal time to re-engineer your recruiting processes. Start by objectively determining which metrics are most important to your business, how to evaluate them and the best approach for improving these outcomes.

Why Your “Post-Pandemic” Business Strategy Depends on HR

What are the direct and indirect consequences of the pandemic for talent and business recovery? The list is long and we now know that it includes "quiet quitting", supply chain issues, candidate ghosting, brand management, early attrition, social issues, missed performance goals to name a few. And the length of time we'll be dealing with these issues is even longer than this list.

2023 Talent Analytics Playbook for CHROs

The explosion of HR tools, technology and trends makes zeroing in on essential analytics more difficult than ever. How should Talent Analytics define HR priorities? What are the greatest obstacles to achieving effectiveness? What does a Talent Analytics "homerun" look like? In 2023, talent analytics should not just support, but fundamentally drive, your organization's business strategy.

4 Great Questions to Ask Prospective Talent Acquisition Leaders – and the Answers to Look For

Let’s face it: recruiting professionals are generally very good at being interviewed. But that fact doesn’t correlate with excellent recruiting or leadership skills. A TA leader position can be among the most important roles in an organization. Here are some tough but fair questions to ask your finalists and, more importantly, the right answers to look for.