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“How can I get our hiring managers to think about recruiting in a more modern, consistent way?”

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How Many Reqs Should a Recruiter Carry? A Recruiter Workload Calculator for 2022

Finally - an answer to the age old question, "How many reqs should our recruiters carry?" Read more about this critical talent acquisition planning and org design issue and download our free recruiter workload calculator.

The Most Effective Recruitment Process in the Toughest Talent Marketplace

It’s a trick: the most effective recruitment process isn’t one - it's multiple processes, differentiated and highly engineered. Because in the most challenging talent marketplace that most of us have ever worked in, we can't wing it anymore - nor can we build our processes based on what we've always done, or what hiring managers demand.

Where Have All The Workers Gone: 5 Factors

This is the question our consulting firm now hears more often than any other. And there is no simple answer. To understand the worker shortage, take a quick trip around the external market factors, that issues that exist within most companies, the dramatically different choices that talent (and particularly, high-performing diverse talent) are now making - and 5 places they've gone.

4 Ways to Determine if You Need to Improve Your Job Postings ASAP

This insane labor market requires employers to put their best foot forward in order to win top talent. But often, when the candidate sees a job posting, it's so bad that it literally repels the most qualified among them. Here are four ways to quickly audit your own postings.