New Recruiting Leader Coaching: Up to Speed Faster

More than ever, great business leaders with no background in talent acquisition find themselves in top recruiting leader roles. Or they may be responsible for the entire recruiting and talent management function.

We applaud the idea of integrating talent acquisition into the broader talent management portfolio. However, all too often, it's recruiting that remains a blind spot for otherwise skilled HR and talent leaders. While executive coaches can fill gaps by providing guidance on leading teams, recruiting and hiring expertise can be hard to find. And it can take a career lifetime to gain recruiting expertise by mere osmosis. 

“I had years of talent management experience, but very little exposure to talent acquisition prior to getting this role. The TGA coaches helped me get up to speed in a few months instead of a few years.”

– Talent leader, mid-cap pharmaceutical company

Our personalized and customized new recruiting leader onboarding program is designed to fast track the transition and productivity of new talent acquisition leaders and talent leaders responsible for the entire talent continuum. Our 90-day program is full of intensive, practical, real world, learning experiences, with one-on-one coaching by an expert in talent strategy and talent acquisition process, design, measurement and management.  

Our approach extends beyond leadership coaching, providing tools and a framework for thinking about recruitment and HR strategy. This investment in a talent acquisition leader pays off in spades as they will be able to: more quickly grasp the connections between recruiting and broader HR and talent strategies; target the right, few initiatives that drive the greatest value; and at the same time, understand the relationships between all the moving pieces that make up high-performance talent acquisition.

The leaders we've coached have transformed relationships between recruiters and hiring managers - evolving the recruiter role from service providers to authentic partners and advisors. They've changed mindsets, enterprise-wide, to view prospective top talent as a form of the "customer" rather than a commodity and providing great candidate experience. They understand the criticality of quality of hire - and that accountability for this key measure is shared beyond talent acquisition.

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