Employer Value Proposition Design

In reality, most employment branding is a wasteful exercise in assembling positive thoughts and images about a company’s “culture” and blasting it through social media. Significant money is invested in the development of a “tagline” and images so generic that the best organizations can hope for is "more people know about us". Don't believe us? Check out the careers site of any number of companies and ask yourself: Who specifically is this speaking to? What is it saying? What action are they inspired to take? How could one determine if this campaign is successful?

We blend deep expertise in marketing, finance and talent to help our clients identify the target candidates, truly understand what they want, and how the organization can address those desires. Last, we work hard to understand how the organization stacks up to their competition for talent.

We go deep with the research, using a disciplined, rigorous and measurable market research approach, to understand your targeted talent and distill your compelling differentiators into actionable results. Using this approach, we:

  • Illuminate your competitive advantages
  • Build hyper-relevant employment value propositions aligned with critical roles
  • Bring it all to life with renderings designed by our creative agency.

Because we have deep expertise across the talent continuum, we integrate your targeted employment branding into the Talent Acquisition and Talent Management lifecycle in ways that maximizes the impact of your work effort and talent investments.

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