Training and Development for Recruiting Professionals

As the pace of talent acquisition changes, and its importance to business success grows, an organization’s ability to train and develop their recruiters will set them apart from the competition for talent. Our proprietary recruiter competency model is the foundation of our suite of assessment, training and development solutions. 

“I had no idea that most of the recruiters I inherited don’t know how to source passive candidates. Which explains why we’ve had such a hard time with that. On the flip side, they are very strong at selecting talent and influencing hiring managers.” – VP Global Talent Acquisition, technology firm

We are best known for our validated, simulation-based recruiter training programs that include immediate and  comprehensive feedback for participants. Our most popular development programs are:

  • Passive candidate sourcing
  • Cold calling
  • Interviewing
  • Influencing hiring managers
  • Managing stakeholders

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