Improving Recruitment Process

You would never build a home without a detailed blueprint. And you can’t transform talent acquisition without a detailed plan for how candidate attraction, screening and selection will work. Starting with, say, recruiting technology is like expecting your builder to figure out the house with nothing more than the electrical plan. 

Improving recruitment process is critical to initiating and sustaining talent acquisition transformation.

Recruitment process design details how you will attract and screen top talent, how selection will work, how hiring managers will participate in hiring, how internal candidates will express interest in roles, which best practices you’ll integrate, which recruiting metrics will be most important, how technology will support it all – you get the idea.

“We originally made the mistake of letting our recruitment technology vendor sell us their version of process design. TGA came in a year later, when we were in bad shape, and provided objective guidance and hands-on support for building our recruiting function of the future - both inside and outside of the technology.”

– CHRO, global hospitality company

Our recruitment process design approach typically takes 60 days and includes a careful mix of stakeholder involvement, recruiting best practices, deep knowledge of recruitment practices and talent acquisition technology, selection methods, recruiting analytics, etc. We align it all with your business strategy, the talent marketplace, and leading edge talent acquisition, finance and process thinking. In the end, you receive a recruiting playbook that takes the guessing out of hiring for all involved. It serves as the roadmap for talent acquisition change management, training, technology configuration and continuous improvement.

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