Headcount planning

How well does your organization do Headcount Planning? Many companies make attempts to predict their workforce needs, but don't consider enough detail for it to be effective. However, once leaders recognize that it’s the key to achieving key talent goals, they begin to focus on this critical discipline. For example, headcount planning is at the heart of:

  • aligning human capital with business goals
  • a differentiated approach to recruiting
  • quicker time to fill
  • overtime reduction
  • accurate budgets and forecasts

Talent Growth Advisors (TGA) takes a data-based approach to identify the jobs that are most critical to achieving strategic imperatives. Then we examine your company’s information to calculate current vacancy rates and anticipated gaps in these critical roles. Finally, we develop recruiting and sequencing strategies to proactively fill upcoming gaps in real time so you never have to operate without key talent in your most important positions.

TGA conducts detailed analysis by considering talent market trends for scarce skillsets, historical factors, planned business initiatives, and training time before readiness in addition to turnover trends. And then we apply the degree of certainty to fine-tune predictive data. 

Let Talent Growth Advisors be your guide in this planning process. We work with HR teams, recruiting teams, talent management pros, hiring managers, or all of these stakeholder groups to build workforce plans. You’ll benefit from our expertise by participating in the process, learning our methodology, and using our calculators and other tools so that you can replicate this rigor throughout the organization.  

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