Talent Analytics Consulting

Know Your Levers. And When to Pull Them.

Talent Analytics Consulting helps you identify and pull your most powerful talent levers to achieve maximum business value.

Recruitment Metrics – Amplify the credibility and influence that comes with using meaningful, compelling talent acquisition data.  When you build a dashboard with Talent Growth Advisors, you’ll identify the data that is most important to driving talent acquisition at your company, aligning to your unique businesses’ objectives.  Get under the elusive Quality of Hire metrics that recruitment shares with other human resources areas, and ensure that you’re driving the right initiatives to win and retain top talent.

Diversity & Inclusion Audit and Strategy Design - Break through the sensitivities with real data and powerful analysis of your current state, the external marketplace and competition for talent, and an outside, objective and expert assessment of recommendations and priorities. You can't increase the diversity of your workforce without having an analysis, plan, stakeholder involvement and the investment analysis that proves the value in doing so. We'll help you with every step of that process.

HR Analytics Consulting – Tame your big data with people analytics. Understand drivers behind the data and have a finger on the pulse of human capital performance. When you develop and refine your HR analytics with Talent Growth Advisors, you can have confidence that your decisions are based on the right, key indicators that push your company’s business strategy forward.

Talent Investment Analysis – Before you embark on your HR planning process, partner with Talent Growth Advisors for a data-based, objective picture of exactly which few critical roles are driving the preponderance of business value.  Make compelling cases for disproportionate investment in key talent initiatives that propel company strategy, and watch them perform.  And understand why HR leaders who work with Talent Growth Advisors expand their leadership in the C-suite.

Training and Development for HR Business Partners – The average company derives 90% of its value through talent today, so the model HR Business Partner role of a few years ago just isn’t sufficient to optimize your most important asset, people.  See how the suite of training and development options - including HR simulation exercises, assessment center activities, coaching, and individual development plans - bring your stewards of human capital to top performance.

These Talent Analytics Consulting services can address your toughest challenges, including:

  • Quality of Hire
  • Recruiter Productivity and Workload
  • Recruitment Dashboard
  • Talent Acquisition Scorecard
  • Human Capital ROI
  • Valuating Talent
  • HR Transformation
  • Maximizing Talent
  • Big Data Solutions
  • Measuring Success in HR
  • HR Performance
  • Demonstrating the Value of HR

Talent Growth Advisors looks at talent differently because we take a multidisciplinary approach – one that blends talent & HR with finance and analytics. Together, we take a deeper dive into the data to get underneath problems and assess which to tackle, and which solutions bring the biggest return. 

Talent Growth Advisors has a grasp on the effort required for implementation. We understand and help you plan for transition from pilot studies to engagement & rigorous change management support to measures of success.

Talent Growth Advisors gets the big picture.  Check out our Human Capital Consulting and Talent Acquisition Consulting services for a holistic approach to making smarter people investments.