Talent Acquisition Consulting

Illuminate Strengths and Discover Opportunity.

Talent Acquisition Consulting from Talent Growth Advisors helps you pinpoint strengths and opportunities, prove the value of your initiatives, and realize sustainable improvement and value through talent acquisition. 

We uncover opportunity and help you prioritize your actions, only recommending improvements that are self-funding.  TGA has literally written the book on valuing talent and brings this mindset to human resources, and importantly, talent acquisition.  We analyze what’s happening in talent acquisition in context of the broader business.

We consider the whole ecosystem - business strategy, company leadership, financials, employer brand, HR business partners, recruiting professionals - in our efforts.  We capture improvements in talent acquisition that secure value beyond Human Resources, achieving long term benefits in hiring managers’ time and effectiveness, in securing more than your proportional share of top talent, and in developing and implementing solutions that perpetuate value.

Recruitment Audit – Many leaders intuitively know when Talent Acquisition is performing sub-optimally, but it’s difficult to put a finger on the exact issues when the team is working at full speed. Maybe there’s noise from hiring managers or it’s difficult to keep up with demand. TGA’s Recruitment Audit provides a comprehensive look at Talent Acquisition and identifies root causes, and based on financial analysis, illuminates which fixes are most important for your company. 

Our extensive analysis reaches from strategy to stakeholders, financials to metrics, and from talent acquisition process to org design and beyond so that all potential opportunities are unearthed.  Afterward, you’ll have a business case for change that is clear, conclusive, and customized for your business priorities.

Whether you’re grappling with the decision to use a Recruitment Process Outsource (RPO) partner, or need to amp up high volume hiring, diagnose talent acquisition performance trends, or establish quality of hire metrics, we help you think through your unique options, create a business case for improvement, and self-fund the initiatives through financial return.

Recruitment Process Improvement – One of the most effective ways to boost talent acquisition results is to deliberately design best practices into the processes recruiters use every day.  And when you and TGA design in partnership with a few stakeholders, codifying inputs, outputs and recruitment metrics, Talent Acquisition and HR leaders enjoy expanded credibility and influence for time to come. 

Additionally, if you’re embarking on an RPO partnership – and we’ve seen all kinds - we know that a win-win, successful relationship begins with clear process design, expectations, metrics, onboarding, and change management. Our clear process design sets a clear path and equips you with the right infrastructure to manage effectively. 

Training and Development for Recruiting Professionals – Because the talent market is more complex and tougher than it has ever been, effective talent acquisition professionals need to be equipped to face this challenge.  The recruiting approach we used 3-5 years ago isn’t good enough to meet today’s demands. 

Now, talent pipelining for key roles, passive candidate sourcing, and attention to Quality of Hire are imperative. TGA’s experiential training and development for recruiting professionals is customized to your company’s needs as well as today’s talent economy. Uncover hidden strengths on your team and shore up shortfalls with our recruitment simulations.

Equip your recruiting team with skills, competencies, capability and balanced workloads as well as the tools and infrastructure needed to sustain high performance and contribute to managing cost per hire and reduced time to fill.

New Recruiting Leader Coaching – Flatten the learning curve and reduce time to productivity by pairing up new leaders with a coach from TGA.  Coaches will customize an approach right for each coachee, whether they are seasoned HR leaders, but new to talent acquisition, or if they are steeped in talent acquisition, but taking on greater scope and scale. Expand the influence of Talent Acquisition through its leaders.


Talent Growth Advisors looks at talent differently because we take a multidisciplinary approach – one that blends talent & HR with finance and analytics. Together, we take a deeper dive into the data to get underneath problems and assess which to tackle, and which solutions bring the biggest return. 

Talent Growth Advisors also appreciates the efforts required for implementation. We understand and help you plan for transition, from pilot studies to engagement and rigorous change management support to measures of success.

Talent Growth Advisors gets the big picture.  Check out our Human Capital Consulting and Talent Analytics Consulting services for a holistic approach to making smarter people investments.