Human Capital Consulting

Train Your Sights on The Right Targets.

Human Capital Consulting from Talent Growth Advisors helps you identify the human capital objectives and initiatives that maximize advantage – those that give you the most business value for your talent investment.

Talent Strategy Design – Drive your organization’s business objectives through talent investments.  We help you pinpoint – in a data-based, business case framework – the human capital initiatives that propel business imperatives. Gain the vote of your c-suite partners, backed by the human resources, finance, analytics and technology expertise gained from Talent Growth Advisors.

HR Operating Model Design – Make sure that your organization structure and the way it’s wired together optimize strategy, and never undermine it. Outsourcing or not, from the highest levels of the organization down to to workgroups, roles, and management routines, align your most valuable assets for maximum return.

Employer Value Proposition Design (EVP) – With Talent Growth Advisors, you’ll know your targets and use data to inform and compel stakeholders to understand the importance of an employment brand. Build a targeted Employer Value Proposition that is authentic to organizational culture, differentiated from your competitors, and sustainable. One that rings true before and beyond the hire to the day to day life in the company, all to win more than your fair share of talent.

These Human Capital Consulting services can address your toughest challenges, including:

  • Critical Roles
  • Talent Management Strategy
  • Human Resources Strategy
  • Integrated Talent Management
  • Business Case for HR
  • ROI on HR Initiatives
  • HR Annual Planning
  • HR Budgeting
  • HR Organization Design
  • Integrating HR
  • HR Centers of Excellence (COE)
  • HR Transformation
  • Employer Branding
  • Employer Reputation Management

Talent Growth Advisors looks at talent differently because we take a multidisciplinary approach – one that blends talent & HR with finance and analytics. Together, we take a deeper dive into the data to get underneath problems and assess which to tackle, and which solutions bring the biggest return.

Talent Growth Advisors also appreciates the efforts required for implementation. We understand and help you plan for transition, from pilot studies to engagement & rigorous change management support to measures of success.

Talent Growth Advisors gets the big picture.  Check out our Talent Acquisition Consulting and Talent Analytics Consulting services for a holistic approach to making smarter people investments.