Human Capital Consulting Practice

Train Your Sights on The Right Targets.

Leaders, rich in business expertise, often lack the time, clean data, and infrastructure to rigorously assess their portfolios of initiatives. Talent Growth Advisors fills those gaps, channeling your business strategy, parsing your data, and applying the right frameworks. We enable you to derive the most value from talent. Prioritize, manage, and directly measure the contributions of your human capital management, and illustrate how they are driving strategic wins.

We've literally written the book on valuing talent and identified and measured what you already know: Intellectual capital - resident only in a company's talent - is the greatest contributor to business value. This importance of intellectual capital has become even more pronounced as we've moved away from the industrial age. See our research on the Intellectual Capital Index.

Our research and data-based approach fortify your business case for human capital initiatives. Talent Growth Advisors uses its blend of HR, finance, and analytics acumen to distinguish itself from other human resource consulting firms by applying these disciplines to decision making. We help you establish the right set of initiatives, and most importantly, demonstrate that they will fund themselves.

Talent Strategy Design. Drive your organization’s business objectives through talent investments. As you evaluate all the choices you have to drive the business forward, we help you pinpoint the people initiatives that truly propel business imperatives - in a data-based, business case framework. No one has infinite resources or can afford to spread investment across the organization, or even business units, "peanut-butter style." Instead, let role criticality and data guide your priorities and gain the vote of your c-suite partners, backed by our human resources, finance, analytics, and technology expertise.

Diversity & Inclusion Audit and Strategy Design. Break through the sensitivities with real data and powerful analysis of your current state, the external marketplace and competition for talent, and an outside, objective and expert assessment of recommendations and priorities. You can't increase the diversity of your workforce without having an analysis, plan, stakeholder involvement and the investment analysis that proves the value in doing so. We'll help you with every step of that process.

Headcount Planning.  Do you ever wonder why you can never seem to get proactive with hiring or time-to-fill metrics?  Have an idgy feeling that your overtime costs due to open roles are beyond normal and reasonable? Try Talent Growth Advisors’ approach to Headcount Planning, which uses your data to identify trends, your company’s history to interpret patterns, and your business goals to more accurately forecast talent needs.  Once you have a more precise forecast, work with us to lever its power to design a comprehensive talent strategy and differentiated recruiting approach that enables you to hire what you need, faster.

HR Operating Model Design. Hoping to take out costs? Position yourself for growth? Improve performance? Make sure that your human resources organization structure optimizes business strategy, and never inadvertently undermines it. We've all seen the perils of an otherwise sound organization design that is crippled by the way it's wired together. We can help you answer tough questions like: Where should you outsource? Where should you build capacity from within? Which is more important to organization design: geography? function? customer segment? We model the options so that you can align your most valuable assets for maximum return.

Employer Value Proposition Design (EVP). Let's work together to build a targeted Employer Value Proposition that is authentic to organizational culture, drives new employee engagement, and is differentiated from your competitors, and sustainable. One that rings true before and beyond the hire to the day to day life in the company, all to win more than your fair share of talent. With Talent Growth Advisors, you’ll narrow your targets to the most meaningful, critical, audiences and use data to inform and compel stakeholders to understand the importance of an employment brand.

Talent Strategy Coaching.  Our team of former Fortune 500 finance, talent management and talent acquisition leaders provide personalized, structured, customized, and discreet one-on-one coaching.  Our highly personalized approach speeds the time it takes to gain the knowledge HR leaders require, the credibility they need to drive change, and the talent strategy, framework, and plans to power the business forward.


Talent Growth Advisors looks at talent differently because we take a multidisciplinary approach – one that blends talent & HR with finance and analytics. Together, we take a deeper dive into the data to get underneath problems and assess which to tackle, and which solutions bring the biggest return.

Talent Growth Advisors also appreciates the efforts required for implementation. We understand and help you plan for transition, from pilot studies to engagement & rigorous change management support to measures of success.

Talent Growth Advisors gets the big picture. Check out our Talent Acquisition Consulting and Talent Analytics Consulting services for a holistic approach to making smarter people investments.