HR Pain Points:  Typical issues for HR Leaders

Optimize Recruitment

Recruitment Audit

“We’ve got to stop the noise about Talent Acquisition.”

“We are in constant reactive mode. We need to figure out how to pivot from this to strategic recruiting.”

How We Fix It

Improving Recruitment Process

“How can I get our hiring managers to think about recruiting in a more modern, consistent way?”

“We’ve been hiring in a reactive way for as long as I can remember. It’s not working anymore.”

How We Fix It

Training and Development for Recruiting Professionals

“How can we keep our recruiters’ skills sharp?”

“I’m reorging the recruiting team and I need more information about who should be in which roles.”

How We Fix It

Design Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy Design

“Our HR strategy hasn’t evolved with our business.”

“Our leaders are all over the board with their HR-related requests. How can we build a focused talent strategy?”

How We Fix It

Headcount planning

“Recruitment can't keep up with hiring needs.”

“The skillsets we need are rare. How many prospects should we have in our talent pipeline so we can hire them when we need them?”

How We Fix It

HR Operating Model Design

“What’s the right HR operating model for our organization?”

“We don’t have enough people to keep up with our hiring volume.”

How We Fix It

Employer Value Proposition Design

“We need an employment brand that actually attracts the talent we most need – not tons of random people.”

“For some jobs, we have too many applicants. For other jobs, we don’t have any. We need balance.”

How We Fix It

Talent Strategy Coaching

“We needed to dramatically improve the speed and quality of hiring, but talent acquisition is an area in which I have limited experience."

“I was moved into a senior HR role from another part of the business and need to hit the ground running. I need to prioritize and evaluate HR investments and build a multi-year talent strategy.”

How We Fix It

Measure Talent Effectiveness

Training and Development for HR Business Partners

“Do our HR Business Partners have the skills they need to help our business leaders drive results?”

“Do we have the right HR people in the right roles?”

How We Fix It

Recruitment Metrics

"We get so many requests for recruiting reports and they take so much time to create. How do we keep up?”

How We Fix It

HR Analytics Consulting for Data-Driven Decision Making

“We need to revamp the way we report on HR activities and outcomes. We send out too many reports and nothing happens with any of it.”

How We Fix It

Talent Investment Analysis

“Are we funding the right talent initiatives?”

“How do we measure the effectiveness of our HR investments?”

How We Fix It