HR Analytics Consulting for Data-Driven Decision Making

The universe of HR metrics that can be captured is nearly infinite. But what should an HR leader report and take action on? Which people metrics are the most important for your organization? We help HR leaders define the most critical business outcomes, their talent implications and translate that into the right, few metrics.  

“We’ve been fighting about who owns quality of hire and how to track it for literally years. TGA helped us cut through the noise, isolate the most important data and the most important roles to focus on, and operationalize it.” 

- Talent Leader, healthcare organization

We help organizations, even those with imperfect HR data, build a current state HR metrics dashboard with the right, few data points along with management routines to drive continuous improvement. We then help them transform that to a future state where data can be used to influence organizational change and add measurable value to the business. Our research and proprietary approach for connecting business value, intellectual capital and critical roles makes our work in HR data and reporting unlike any other.

Our approach to human resources data analytics begins with HR strategy. We start by understanding your key objectives and identify the critical levers that drive the most value. Our goal is to equip your analytics team with the right analytics tools to generate the right people analytics to more accurately steer HR leaders and HR operations in their initiatives and continuous improvement efforts.

On a targeted scale, we can also provide Strategic Workforce Planning, providing a foundation for updating and continuously improving forecasts. These forecasts thereby inform talent acquisition approaches and timing for recruiting efforts. We look at your workforce data and develop predictive analytics you can use to model new scenarios, trends, as well as one-time events that affect the workforce. As a result, you can prioritize forecasted hiring needs to achieve your enterprise's business objectives. Your workforce analytics team can better serve its internal clients as they replicate and broaden the application of our methodology.

Contact us to learn more about our HR analytics and Strategic Workforce Planning and how you can more accurately steer your key initiatives and continuous improvement efforts!

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