Designs on Talent Name Changes to Talent Growth Advisors.  Why?

By Linda Brenner | April 26, 2016

Since 2004, our brand has served us well. Under our beloved blue arrow, we helped a lot of clients complete a lot of important work. We’ve built trusted partnerships and deep friendships along the way.

As proud as I am of all we’ve accomplished, I have to admit - we’ve outgrown the Designs on Talent brand. But more than us outgrowing it . . . our clients have outgrown it.  Their work has changed - it’s more complex, urgent, data-driven and talent-reliant than ever.  Tactical solutions can no longer solve the challenges they now face.

To respond to this evolution, we’ve added deep finance expertise to our already stellar team of talent professionals.  By combining these forces, we’ve discovered the secret to driving truly disruptive, measurable and meaningful talent results.

Our client’s priorities have changed.
The business’s demands have evolved.
The link between business value and talent has been established.

Talent Growth Advisors really began with the discovery, a few years back, of what we consider to be the “holy grail”: how to measure the value of HR investments.

Today, we help our clients make smarter people investments. We increase our clients’ business value through the hiring and retention of key talent. And you read that right - key talent. Not all talent. You can read more about it under our Big Idea.

So “Designs on Talent” no longer reflects the work we’re doing:

  • We no longer simply audit talent acquisition functions. We still do, but we’ll also build the business plan, design the new process, develop the ROI model to justify investment, and design the future state process.
  • We no longer simply assess the skills of HR Business Partners. We still do, but we’ll also identify process and org design changes that will help drive measurable, sustainable improvement.
  • We no longer simply host networking dinners for senior leaders.  We still do, but they’re now robust, day-long “Think Tanks” on specific, critical talent topics.

You get the idea. We’re still a team of business and HR vets with a high respect for the truth and a low tolerance for the bullshit. But we’re also math geeks with the ability to navigate the complexities of the real-world workplace and finance nerds who understand what it takes to influence change in the C-suite.

We are Talent Growth Advisors - it’s what we do.  We hope you love it as much as we do.

Linda Brenner and Tom McGuire,

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