Managing Director & Founder

Linda leads client success efforts for Talent Growth Advisors - and gets personally involved in talent strategy design, talent acquisition / talent management process improvement work, and skills assessment and development.  She’s passionate about defining what “good” looks like and taking concrete, measurable and staged steps to get there.

Linda spent the early part of her career in a variety of operations and talent management roles.  She worked in a variety of positions at The Gap, Pepsi and Home Depot before starting her first business - an earlier iteration of Talent Growth Advisors - in 2003.

Since then, Linda has built a team of finance, HR, talent acquisition, talent management, marketing and operations experts. With wildly diverse backgrounds, they have one thing in common: exceptional problem solving skills. After all, only with such diversity of thought can businesses solve the significant and challenging people-related issues they face today.

Linda holds an MA in Labor and Employment Relations and a BA in Judaic Studies, both from the University of Cincinnati. She and her family live in Atlanta.