Dr. Charles

Senior Consultant

Dr. Charles A. Handler is a renowned Industrial and Organizational Psychologist with a deep specialization in talent assessment, hiring practices, and AI ethics. As a member of the TGA team, and the driving force behind Rocket-Hire, a consultancy that blends sound psychometric science with advanced technology to create innovative hiring strategies and tools, he assesses, designs and implements talent assessment tools. His expertise extends from the development of talent assessment strategy, tools, and business impact analysis to AI ethics and bias auditing, ensuring that hiring tools not only select the best talent but do so in a manner that is fair and equitable.

With TGA, Dr. Handler has consulted to a wide range of clients across many industries. His strategic insights have been instrumental in crafting hiring strategies that support our clients’ talent goals.

Beyond his consulting work, Dr. Handler is a sought-after speaker and writer. He holds the distinction of being a Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. In the ever-evolving job market, he stands out for his visionary approach, particularly in harnessing advanced technologies to revolutionize talent assessment and inform strategic decision-making.