Linda Brenner named Top HR Tech Influencer!

By Kerri Markovic | April 24, 2019

The Human Resource Executive (HRE) and HR Tech Conference team released the first edition of the Top 100 HR Tech Influencers, and TGA Founder & Managing Partner, Linda Brenner, made the list.  Dubbed “100 individuals who have shaped the world of HR technology”, the list is comprised of people from traditional HR roles, consultants/advisors, and “new media“ influencers.  Read more about the recognition here and see the full list of 100 here.

Linda responded to a few questions about the recognition, TGAs contributions, and the future.

How does it feel to be recognized as a top HR Tech Influencer?

I’m proud that my work - and that of our firm - has been recognized for its contributions to the way we think about talent acquisition technology. I am not a traditional HR technologist so it’s exciting that others see the value in connecting business value with the hiring and retention of top talent in critical roles. The bottom line is, the companies that win top talent for their most important roles will be able to grow their enterprise value more than companies which fail to do so.  Our research shows that 20% of roles in a company add 80% of the business value in today’s economy - so if you can’t nail hiring and retaining that 20%, you’re going to struggle.

What contribution are you most proud of from the past year?

I’m most proud of our Talent Acquisition Audit work and being able to rapidly improve hiring for some of the greatest brands in the world. We’ve been able to demonstrate ROI by improving the speed, cost and quality of hiring. And at the end of the day, getting faster, better and more cost effective is all that matters in Talent Acquisition.

What does the diversity of this group of 100 mean for the future of HR Technology?

It’s great to be associated with such a group of smart, diverse, and innovative people. We share a passion for and commitment to building business value through HR investments. My sense is that those who work for large global technology companies have the funding and access to more decision makers in HR and business. I hope that this recognition demonstrates that others - those in small, boutique firms like ours or HR or TA practitioners - also offer extensive research, sound approaches, and meaningful results that can have an important impact on the future of HR Tech.

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