A High Volume Hiring Case Study

By Linda Brenner | November 16, 2018

The Challenge: Improve the quality of hiring high volume, customer service-oriented front line employees. In turn, increase speed to hire and reduce overall hiring costs.

TGA Work: 

Analyzed recruitment metrics, including candidate drop-off data throughout the on-line apply process to streamline the application and reduce drop-off.

Conducted a rapid research effort, led by an I/O PhD, to identify and validate “preferred” qualifications for the role to supplement the existing “minimum” qualifications.

Using the new and robust “preferred” qualifications:

  • Worked with subject matter experts to reimagine the description of the role and dramatically improve the job ad
  • Provided candidates with easy-to-access critical information about - and a realistic preview of - the job  
  • Developed and inserted job-specific (scored and weighted) screening questions for candidates to complete as part of the on-line apply process. This enabled the ATS to rank candidates by most- to least-qualified, eliminating the manual work completed in the past by recruiting resources.
  • Improved the existing initial screening assessment.
  • Inserted an additional phone screen before candidates were invited to the final hiring assessment.

Results Over Prior Year – the Headlines:

  • Number of on-line apply fields candidates were required to complete was reduced by 75%
  • Number of candidates who dropped-off during the on-line apply was reduced by 44%
  • Number of applicants who completed the online apply process increased by 92%
  • Number of applicants screened automatically by the technology increased by 100%
  • Offer rate after the hiring event increased by 59%
  • Attrition during training decreased by 71%
  • Overall hiring process costs decreased by 17%

Client Testimonial:

“You helped us make tremendous progress in TA. The TGA team’s skills and knowledge were a huge part in getting us where we are today.”

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