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Frequently Expressed Pain Point

“We need to revamp the way we report on HR activities and outcomes. We send out too many reports and nothing happens with any of it.”

5 Reasons Why Assessment-Based Programs Are the Best Training and Development for HR and TA Pros

Traditional training isn't the way to rapidly improve HR effectiveness, development and credibility. Simulation-based assessment and 360° feedback is a fast, better way to improving recruiters' and HR business partners' skills.

Six Signs You Need a Recruitment Audit

Six circumstances where it makes sense to bring in outside, unbiased resources to conduct a talent acquisition audit.

Talent Acquisition Technology Isn’t Going to Fix Your Hiring Problems

Despite the explosive growth of talent acquisition technologies - and the vast number of problems they claim to solve - hiring isn’t getting better, faster or cheaper. Why?

HR Leaders’ Playbook for Driving Measurable Value

Build a better, more collaborative and business-based relationship with your Finance partner.