We’re not a traditional consulting shop.

We’re born from a new kind of expertise

A mashup of finance and talent management. We think differently.

We’ve led Finance, Talent Acquisition and Talent Management at Fortune 500 companies, including Home Depot, Coca-Cola and Revlon. We have hands-on experience in operations from startups to global multinationals. We understand the evolution of talent needs as a company grows.

Saying “people are our most important asset” was a convenient platitude for the last 2 decades, but now it’s a critical reality most companies aren’t set up to deal with.

We blend our deep HR and finance experience to illuminate the connection of talent investments with business value - so you can deal (and do more) - now.

What You Can Expect Working With Us

We don’t think having fun and being successful are mutually exclusive; we think they’re mutually reinforcing. You’re going to laugh more than you’d expect.

We have a healthy cynicism regarding “same old” HR solutions. You’re going to enjoy change more than you’d expect.

We believe the purpose of debate is progress, not victory - so you can expect pragmatic, evidence based discussions to help accelerate progress. You’re going to participate in deeper discussions about your business value drivers than you’d expect.

Our Approach

Companies making smarter people investments:


TGA is the authority on the emerging concept of talent valuation, connecting talent investments with measurable business value. Here’s some of the latest media articles featuring Talent Growth Advisors Insight:

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Our work puts us in the room with bright people, from multiple industries, tasked with the same challenges many of HR leaders face. They inspire us to share what we learn. We do that here.

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