Employment Branding Day Camp:

We've never seen the competition for talent so intense. Now, more than ever, the organizations with a data-based, targeted and differentiated employment brand will win more than their fair share of talent.

What to expect​

A high energy, interactive, one-day working session specifically for the key stakeholders in the employment branding effort - typically the CHRO, the CMO, Talent Acquisition Leader, and others. We'll focus on building an employment brand that aligns with your overarching brand strategy and delivers the results you need. Employment Branding Day Camp is solely for your organization - and customized in advance to you and your industry.


What we'll explore

  • How the current marketplace for talent makes employment branding efforts critical to your success
  • Best - and worst - employment branding practices
  • A framework for blending marketing discipline with talent strategy in order to develop an employment brand that will deliver high-quality candidates.
  • An approach for prioritizing and evaluating the effectiveness of your employment branding spend
  • Meaningful and business based measures of employment branding success 


What we'll deliver​

  • Aligned and educated employment branding stakeholders 
  • A plan for strategically prioritizing your employment branding efforts and investments
  • A framework for determining drivers of choice for your most critical talent
  • Measures of employment branding success
  • Building blocks key to developing your own unique, authentic and targeted employment brand


Want to hear more? 

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The mission:

A one-day meeting of the minds for HR and Marketing leaders to discover and align on the best approach to attracting top talent

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