Five Reasons Why Candidates Aren’t Applying to Your Jobs

By Linda Brenner | October 17, 2021

Jobseekers are changing their preferences and habits when applying to jobs. Based on the experience of our TGA team members, candidates have become cynical about the entire on-line apply process ('black hole', 'pointless') and perceive many postings to be 'fake'. But a recent survey of 1,500 U.S adults by recruiting technology company Jobvite pointed to other factors. Here are the highlights of their findings, based on a summary in the Atlanta Business Chronicle

  1. The job search process itself has changed. Fewer candidates are using job boards and career sites and more are accessing jobs via social media avenues (TikTok, Discord, Instagram, etc.) Companies that are relying on old school job boards and career sites are missing large numbers of candidates.
  2. Employers demonstrate a lack of sense of urgency. Candidates are justifiably cynical about the on-line application process and the likelihood of being lost among a slew of applicants.
  3. Lack of information about comp - and lack of competitive pay. Candidates are asked unreasonable (and premature) questions about their desired pay during the apply process while job ads often give no indication of pay ranges. Also, recruiters have a reputation for lowballing applicants over pay and perqs.
  4. Lack of remote work options. Unsurprisingly, flexibility is extremely or very important among 74% of jobseekers - and even moreso for those with children. 35% said they would or have declined a job because of lack of flexibility.
  5. Lack of information about company culture. Nearly 50% of applicants say that culture is one of the most important factors in accepting a new job - and they're not taking the company's word for it anymore. The job application process is seen as one indicator of a company's culture, which is a turn off when it is long, difficult and confusing.

We're here to help:  Contact us to discuss your hiring challenges.  You may also want to read Top Talent Recruitment: Four Ways to Repel Talent with Scarce Skills.

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